• 360center – transforming universal boxing;
  • Carboard Chair – unique cardboard stool with rotating disk;
  • Virbox Magnetic – virtual reality glasses for a smartphone with a diagonal 4-5”+;
  • Google Cardboard 2 – virtual reality glasses for a smartphone with a diagonal 5-6”+;
  • QR marker – personal code to show content.



Unique Set for the demonstration of mobile technology virtual and augmented reality view panoramic videos and photos. 360center ideal for placement in coworking hubs, business incubators, companies, offices, offline stores, schools and other progressive places. Modern style and the possibility to attract the attention of any audience and is sure to expand the boundaries of your perception. Each installed center becomes part of the ecosystem of the future and one of the points of movement within the virtual space. center elements are made of durable high-grade cardboard using laser cutting technology. Due to the modular system 360center can be easily assembled, transported and modernized. An individual branding and various equipment. When buying two basic sets of spherical panorama of your space for free.